Photo: Mike Labrum

The Kinder Institute is in mourning this week over the sudden passing of Andy Olin, a former senior editor and writer whose name you no doubt came to know atop some of the Urban Edge blog’s most insightful posts.

Andy had Type 1 Diabetes, which has no cure. His family encourages donations toward research of the disease.

An insightful writer and editor, he put his expertise to work at the Kinder Institute to go beyond the obvious, to dig into things everyone should care more about—such as improved bike and pedestrian safety, the need for more trees and parks, calls to preserve Black history, and the challenges of urban disparities, particularly amid a pandemic.

He consistently used his role as a storyteller on this platform to call attention to what needed fixing as well as to the thoughtful approaches that could remedy them. 

What's also clear from his writing: He also loved Houston, his home, a great, messy city. More importantly, he loved his family and friends; he cared about neighbors and people he never met.

"Andy spread goodness," his obituary reads.

We were honored to have been witness to that. Today we’d like to remember him by sharing some of our favorite posts by Andy, which you can find linked below. (You can also view all of Andy's posts here.)