Infrastructure and mobility are ongoing challenges for many urban areas that connect to a range of related issues.

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As we worked to corral COVID-19, traffic deaths spun out of control

There were 3,896 traffic deaths in Texas last year, 273 more than in 2019. That 7.5% increase followed year-over-year decreases in motor vehicle fatalities from 2017–19, and is the biggest jump since 2012. Traffic fatalities in Harris County went up by almost 19% last year.

That’s despite the fact that we were driving far less, or so it seemed.

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: Jul 1, 2021
COVID-19 and Cities, Transportation


Luis Guajardo

Luis Guajardo

  • Urban Policy Research Manager, Kinder Institute for Urban Research
Head shot of Han Park

John Park

  • Senior Research Fellow, Development, Transportation and Placemaking, Kinder Institute for Urban Research