Our coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic examines the disease's effects on Houston and the surrounding region, both now and once the outbreak is over.

Texas named America’s 5th most dangerous state in 2020

Texas is the nation’s 5th most dangerous state to live in, according to a ranking that considers crime, weather, pollution and dangerous workplaces, among other factors. Ahead of it were Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi, the most dangerous. The 10 most dangerous states all were from the Sun Belt region.

The five states considered the safest, according to the ranking, are Maine, Vermont, Minnesota, Utah and Wyoming.

4 things limiting Houston’s ability to generate more revenue

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic cut into its revenue, the City of Houston appears to be on the brink of yet another budget crisis. Recently, when Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner released his proposed 2020-2021 budget, he identified a $169 million budget deficit. He has proposed plugging the gap mostly with one-time funds that won’t be available until the year after next, likely setting the stage for another difficult set of budget decisions a year from now.

At the complicated intersection of cars, housing and a fast-growing, sprawling city

Earlier this month, LINK Houston and the Kinder Institute for Urban Research released a co-authored report examining where affordable housing and high-quality, affordable transportation co-exist in Houston. The city has a reputation as a place where the cost of living is low, but more and more that’s just a memory of a bygone Houston.