The 39th annual Kinder Houston Area Survey was conducted during February and early March of 2020, before there were clear signs of an impending pandemic crisis. As such, this year's findings serve as a good point of comparison for next year to measure quantitatively the impact of unfolding developments on area residents.

The 39 years of the Kinder Houston Area Survey have emphasized three of the most compelling long-term challenges for the city: the knowledge economy, the demographic transformation and quality-of-place attributes. As Houston grapples with mounting costs and shrinking budgets, it will be important to keep a focus on the broader issues the region needs to address as it seeks to build toward a better future.

During the 2020 Lunch-Out, Founding Director Stephen Klineberg presented the results of the 39th Kinder Houston Area Survey. To watch his full presentation, click here

The print version of the 2020 Kinder Houston Area Survey is generously underwritten by Bank of America.

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