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For over four decades, the Kinder Houston Area Survey has been tracking the changing attitudes and experiences of Houstonians.

For over four decades, the Kinder Houston Area Survey has been measuring the continuities and changes in the attitudes, beliefs and experiences of successive representative samples of Harris County residents. Through interviews with a total of over 50,000 Houston area residents, we have been watching the world change. In recent years, the survey expanded its reach from Harris County to include the quickly growing neighboring Montgomery and Fort Bend counties. The longevity of the survey allows for unique, longitudinal analyses that help us better understand this major metropolitan area and shows us who we are as a region – and where we’re going. No other metropolitan region in the country has been the focus of a research program of this scope. Over the years, the survey’s findings reveal how Houston is a harbinger of many of the changes facing urban areas across the country. 

Greater Houston Community Panel

The Greater Houston Community Panel includes thousands of scientifically selected adults in Harris County, Texas, who are regularly surveyed about their families and communities, including their health, well-being, expectations, opinions, priorities and aspirations.


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