New Census Numbers Show Houston, Other Texas Cities, Among Fastest-Growing in U.S.

May. 19, 2016 DEMOGRAPHICS

From 2014 to 2015, Houston added more new residents than any other city besides New York.

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From 2014 to 2015, Houston added more new residents than any other city besides New York.

New Census figures published today show that, once again, Texas is home to the country's fastest-growing cities.

New York City took the top spot for year-over-year population growth, based on its increase of 55,211 residents from 2014 to 2015.

Houston came in just behind New York, ranking number two on the list by adding 40,032 residents in the same period. Its total population now stands at 2,296,224, according to the Census.

In fact, among the 15 U.S. cities that added the most residents during that time frame, five are located in Texas (Houston, along with San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas and Austin). See the chart below for the list of the 15 fastest-growing cities, in terms of population count. Those Texas cities, by the way, are growing at almost double the rate of the rest of the 15 fastest-growing cities (1.9 percent growth vs. 1.1 percent growth).

Beyond Texas, the list is dominated by cities in the U.S. Sun Belt, which is home to 10 the 15 fastest-growing big cities. Article continues below the chart.

The Census also measures population growth as a percentage. While the former list tends to be dominated by huge cities, the latter tends to be dominated by smaller cities and towns.

The Census looked at the 15 fastest-growing cities and towns with populations of at least 60,000, in terms of percentage growth. Five Texas cities were on that list too: Georgetown, New Braunfels, Frisco, Pearland and Pflugerville. The 15 cities were predominantly located in the U.S. Sun Belt, with just two cities -- Ankeny, Iowa and Broomfield, Colorado -- located outside that region.

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