The Most-Read Urban Edge Pieces of 2018


The stories that captured your attention in 2018.

Painted crosswalk with tire marks

The stories that captured your attention in 2018.

Some of the Urban Edge's top posts from 2018 show the range of topics that dominated urban policy conversations including affordable housing, gentrification, economic development and more.

Here are some of our most-read pieces from the year:

With New Opportunity Zones, A Tool for Change Brings Questions

With the designation of 628 Opportunity Zones across Texas, what might this mean for revitalization in the Houston area?

Two Houston Zip Codes Among the "Most Gentrified" in the Country

The analysis looked at changes in median income, home value and population with a bachelor’s degree or higher between 2000 and 2016.

In Phoenix and Houston, Effort to Attract Millennials Is Reshaping Downtown

New research looks at how Millennials’ preferences — perceived and actual — are changing downtown housing developments.

Why I’m Scared To Walk in Houston

The city needs a profound change in its motoring culture — not just from motorists themselves, but also from the authorities.

In Houston, A Radical Approach to Housing

With the city set to launch its own land trust and several neighborhoods eager to start their own, the community land trust presents opportunities and challenges.

Interactive: How Houston’s Highways Spurred Growth, Sprawl

A new interactive report shows Houston-area development from 1950s onward.

Houston Studies Show Light Rail Did Bring Some Benefits

But not all are welcome changes.

Blue Needle in a Red Haystack: Why One Texas Woman is Taking on the Odds this November

Amid a wave of women candidates, Lisa Seger of Blue Heron Farms makes a run for it.

How Houston’s Denver Harbor Used a Land Use Tool to Curb Gentrification

Without citywide zoning, Houston communities must know their way around available land-use tools to shape their fates.

In Houston, When the Growth Slowed a Deeper Problem Emerged

2016 was a tough year for Houston. How tough? A new national report sheds some light on growth, prosperity and inclusion.

Welcome to Acres Homes. Acres Home. Acreage Homes?

A community in transition contemplates its future and its name.



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