The EMERGE Fellowship is an intensive college access program which targets talented but underserved students. It aims to encourage them to attend selective colleges and universities since these students often attend less selective postsecondary institutions (known as academic undermatch).

However, not all students eligible for EMERGE apply. This descriptive study compares 2016-2017 EMERGE applicants to students who do not apply and finds that although they are generally comparable, students who apply to EMERGE are more likely to be female and more likely to have attended an information session.

In this research brief, we focus on the 2016-2017 cohort of EMERGE applicants by answering two key research questions:

  1.  How do students who applied to EMERGE compare to students who did not apply to EMERGE?
  2.  Who is invited to the EMERGE information sessions? What is the relationship between attending an EMERGE information session and applying to EMERGE?