In 2014, the Houston Independent School District launched Literacy by 3, a districtwide, balanced approach to elementary school literacy with the goal of having every child reading and writing with fluency at or above grade level.

Greater utilization of certain Literacy by 3 classroom practices is associated with the increased likelihood of a campus exceeding district average growth in reading. The Literacy by 3 Classroom Practices and Campus Literacy Growth study is the first to examine the relationship between Literacy by 3 practices and campus literacy growth in HISD. Specifically, this study aimed to identify which, if any, instructional practices contributed to literacy growth for a campus, by looking at the relationship between literacy practices in the classroom, student literacy practices at home, campus composition, and growth in literacy.

There remains wide variation with respect to which aspects of Literacy by 3 are implemented in classrooms and to what extent the practices are utilized. The findings presented in the Teacher-Reported Literacy by 3 Classroom Practices study from a fall 2018 survey reflect teacher-reported classroom practices that are part of Literacy by 3; provide the district information on how aligned classroom practices are with the Literacy by 3 model; and identify potential areas where more support for teachers may be needed. This study is meant to provide follow up to a study conducted by HISD following the first year of Literacy by 3 implementation (HISD, 2015).

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