Flickr: Matthew Rutledge

This report by the Houston office of Local Initiatives Support Corporation and the Kinder Institute for Urban Research highlights key learnings and strategies from the “Building a More Resilient Housing System” event held on March 27, 2018. The event explored how Houston is addressing the recovery from Hurricane Harvey, how other cities and regions have responded to acute disasters, and the strategies they are pursuing around long-term resilience planning. The event report highlights five key themes that were raised throughout the March 27 discussion – moving towards action, the need for community empowerment and education, how to finance housing recovery, the importance of equity, and planning for the future – and key strategies for moving each of these themes forward. The report broadly underscores the need to use Hurricane Harvey to reexamine and improve our systems from preparation and mitigation to response and recovery to long-term development so that we plan intelligently for the future. Both the event and the corresponding report were funded by JPMorgan Chase & Co.