NNERPP aims to develop, support and connect partnerships between education agencies and research institutions in order to improve the relationships between research, policy and practice.


Research-practice partnerships, long-term mutually beneficial formalized collaborations between education researchers and practitioners are a promising strategy for producing more relevant research, improving the use of research evidence in decision-making, and engaging both researchers and practitioners to tackle problems of practice. Although promising, research-practice partnerships are challenging to create and difficult to maintain. The National Network of Education Research-Practice Partnerships (NNERPP) aims to help facilitate these partnerships and advance education research and practice.

Strategic Goals

NNERPP will help partnerships:

  • Develop and share best partnership practices;
  • Synthesize research findings and build knowledge;
  • Produce comparative research and facilitate cross-partnership collaborations; and
  • Advance policies and system reforms.


NNERPP is made possible by the generous funding support of the William T. Grant Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, The Annie E. Casey Foundation and The Wallace Foundation.

For more information about NNERPP, please visit our website.