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Beyond Academic Learning: A New Chapter on Social and Emotional Skills and Implications for Students, Educators and Policymakers

Houston Education Research Consortium and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development shared results from the Survey on Social and Emotional Skills. A panel discussion on the study’s local and international implications followed.

Kinder Institute Forum: Donald Shoup

Donald Shoup, professor of urban planning at the University of California, discusses the high costs associated with parking, as well as market-based parking reforms that can improve urban metro areas both economically and environmentally.

Preserving Affordable Housing in Harris County

This webinar shared highlights from the Preserving Affordable Housing in Harris County report. A panel discussion on how Houston can stem the loss of affordable housing amid rising land values and demand followed the presentation.

Kinder Institute Forum: Antoine Bryant

Planner and community advocate Antoine Bryant discussed his work on affordable housing and equitable development. A former Houstonian, he currently leads the city of Detroit's Planning and Development Department.

Racial Justice and the Ivory Tower: Higher Education’s Racial Reckoning Reaches Far Beyond Slavery

Houston Education Research Consortium Director Ruth N. López Turley was in conversation with Kinder Institute Director Bill Fulton and Davarian L. Baldwin, a leading urbanist, historian and cultural critic, about racial justice in higher education.

Urban Reads: Elizabeth Korver-Glenn, Race Brokers: Housing Markets and Segregation in 21st Century Urban America

Elizabeth Korver-Glenn examines how housing market professionals — including housing developers, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and appraisers — construct contemporary urban housing markets in ways that contribute to neighborhood inequality and racial segregation.

Urban Reads: Leslie Kern, Feminist City

In "Feminist City," through history, personal experience and popular culture Leslie Kern exposes what is hidden in plain sight: the social inequalities built into our cities, homes, and neighborhoods. Kern offers an alternative vision of the feminist city.

The 2021 State of Housing in Harris County and Houston

The Kinder Institute for Urban Research shared findings from its second State of Housing in Harris County and Houston report. Panelists also discussed current housing challenges.

Kinder Institute Forum: Frederick Wherry, Dignity and Debt

Professor Frederick Wherry, director of the Dignity and Debt Network, explains how credit visibility, credit scoring, and consumer credit markets serve as arenas for struggle over dignity and belonging.

Urban Reads: The Texas Triangle

This online discussion explored the importance of the Texas Triangle, what makes it unique and its implications for Texas' economic future.

Kinder Institute Lunch-Out 2021

Stephen L. Klineberg and Robert Bozick present findings from the 40th Kinder Houston Area Survey. Bill Fulton and other institute leaders discuss key aspects of the institute’s transformative efforts in response to the challenges of the pandemic.

Houston on the Front Lines of Sprawl- Webinar

Kinder Institute Director Bill Fulton discussed if and how a free-market city like Houston can become more resilient in the age of climate change.

Urban Reads: Kevin M. Fitzpatrick and Matthew L. Spialek

Kevin M. Fitzpatrick and Matthew L. Spialek discuss "Hurricane Harvey's Aftermath: Place, Race, and Inequality in Disaster Recovery."

The Metropolitan State of Texas: Securing the State's Prosperity and Competitiveness

The LBJ Urban Lab at The University of Texas at Austin, the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University and the George W. Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative convened the state's top urban policy researchers for a summit addressing the most important issues in Texas cities: economic development, land use, housing, infrastructure and transportation.

Kinder Institute Forum: Richard Florida, Cities in a Post-Covid World

The clustering of people, companies and assets have always been far stronger than any plague or infectious disease, according to Richard Florida. But there will be significant changes in how cities re-build and operate. Florida discusses what's next for cities after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Urban Reads: Angie Schmitt, Right of Way: Race, Class, and the Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America

Journalist Angie Schmitt examines the possible causes of the increase in pedestrian deaths as well as programs and movements that are beginning to respond to the epidemic.

Kinder Institute Forum: Tamika L. Butler, "Transportation Equity: The Time is Now!"

Tamika L. Butler discusses the importance of inclusive urban design and how to make transportation and public spaces more equitable.

Urban Reads: Rucker C. Johnson, Children of the Dream: Why School Integration Works

Rucker C. Johnson explains why integrated, well-funded schools are the primary engine of social mobility, and how school integration can be revived to the benefit of all.

Workshop: 2020 State of Housing in Harris County and Houston

This webinar highlights key findings from our 2020 State of Housing in Harris County and Houston report and includes a panel discussion about the current housing situation in Houston during COVID-19

MetroLab Summit Kickoff: Building a Resilient City after Hurricane Harvey

Bill Fulton interviews Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner about the challenges and success of recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

Texas Flood Registry: Measuring the Long-Term Impacts of Major Storms

Investigators share findings from the 2020 Texas Flood Registry Report, which provides an update on the health and housing impacts of Hurricane Harvey and other major storms.

2020 State of Housing in Houston and Harris County

The Kinder Institute for Urban Research unveils key findings from its inaugural State of Housing in Houston and Harris County report. Panelists also discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on the housing system.

The Urban Sun Belt: Setting the Agenda

This webinar explores findings from a report from the Kinder Institute on the urban Sun Belt – covering such topics as demographic change, the economy, housing, and sprawl – and includes a panel discussion with urban experts.

Urban Reads: Stephen L. Klineberg, Prophetic City: Houston on the Cusp of a Changing America

Founding Director Stephen L. Klineberg shares insights from his new book, "Prophetic City: Houston on the Cusp of a Changing America," which tracks the progress of Houston during almost four decades of remarkable economic, demographic and technological change.

2020 Kinder Institute Lunch-Out

Stephen L. Klineberg presents findings from the 39th Kinder Houston Area Survey, and The Rev. William A. Lawson is honored for his more than 60 years of service to Houston and its people.

Linking Quality Transportation and Affordable Housing

This webinar from LINK Houston and the Kinder Institute highlights findings from a new report on where public transportation overlaps with existing affordable housing in Harris County and the City of Houston. It also presents new tools for practitioners.

Kinder Institute Forum: Mitchell J. Silver, Parks and Public Space, What's Next?

New York City Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver discusses how designers must plan and design equitable, inclusive and fun places for urban residents.

Urban Reads: Steven Higashide, Better Buses, Better Cities

Steven Higashide shares the positive change investing in a bus transportation system can bring to cities like Houston, especially in combating the climate crisis and improving a city's resilience.

Kinder Institute Forum: Eric Klinenberg, Palaces for the People

Eric Klinenberg discusses the amazing power of the public library system, as well as the biggest threats to this vital and sorely neglected part of America's social infrastructure.

Kinder Institute Forum: Henry Cisneros, Building Equitable Cities

Former San Antonio Mayor and Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros addresses how cities will solve the nation's inequality issues.

Kinder Institute Forum: Maurice Cox, Designing for Equity

Detroit's director of planning and development Maurice Cox discusses creative design and community engagement as strategies for long-term equitable development.

Urban Reads: Mick Cornett, The Next American City

Four-term Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett speaks on the importance of cities investing in themselves in order to attract people.

Urban Reads: Jeff Speck, I-45 meets the Walkable City

During his Urban Reads presentation, Jeff Speck shares the positive and negative aspects of TxDOT's proposed I-45 expansion for Houston.

Kinder Institute Forum: Richard Rothstein, The Color of Law

Richard Rothstein, an accomplished scholar of education and housing policy and a research associate at the Economic Policy Institute, discusses how laws and policies at the federal, state and local levels have promoted and enforced the residential racial segregation that exists today.