Please, go ahead: steal our stuff.

That’s right. You are welcome to re-publish almost anything you can find on the Urban Edge website (and we’re just kidding – we don’t consider it stealing).

Our mission is to share fresh ideas about the way cities work. By re-publishing our content, you’re helping us achieve that goal. So go ahead and use our stuff, free of charge. All we ask is that you follow these rules.

  1. You don’t need to get prior permission to re-publish our content. But you must e-mail us to let us know when you’ve used it. Please email and let us know the name of your publication and which blog post you’ve re-published within 24 hours of it being posted.
  2. You must credit both the author and the Kinder Institute in the blog post’s byline. Here’s a typical format: “by Bill Fulton, Director, Kinder Institute for Urban Research.” If your CMS doesn’t permit this, please include the byline as the first paragraph of the story.
  3. Within the story’s byline or first few paragraphs, you must provide a link back to the original blog post hosted on the Urban Edge website.
  4. Content cannot be changed in any meaningful way. You may shorten posts for space or make minor tweaks to conform to your publication’s style. Generally, Urban Edge blog posts conform to AP style.
  5. We may request information on traffic to a specific item you’ve re-published. You must provide such information when requested.
  6. If possible, please include the following text at the end of all re-published content. “The Kinder Institute for Urban Research is a multi-disciplinary ‘think-and-do tank’ housed on the Rice University campus in central Houston, focusing on urban issues in Houston, the American Sun Belt, and around the world.”
  7. The Kinder Institute generally licenses photos appearing on the Urban Edge and doesn’t have copyright to them. If you want to use those images, you’ll need to contact the creators on your own.
  8. You may not sell ads specifically against our content, but you may use our content in places where you’ve already sold advertising.
  9. You may not wholesale re-publish all (or substantially all) of our content. In other words, you may not essentially duplicate our site within your own site.
  10. If we request that you remove our content, you must do so immediately.
  11. Repeated violations of this policy will result in your media outlet being denied future permission to re-publish.

Latest update: June 12, 2017

The Kinder Institute retains copyright to all original materials published to the Urban Edge.