Disparate income, opportunity and access to basic needs such as public transportation, health care, education and parks have long characterized urban life. With such persistent problems to address, the Urban Disparity and Opportunity team seeks to offer analysis to develop innovative and informed solutions.

In a metropolitan area such as Houston, disparity typically manifests itself by geography. Problems such as poverty, struggling schools and insufficient health care aren’t evenly distributed throughout a metropolitan region. Rather, they are often concentrated in particular areas, following distinct, spatial patterns. 
The Urban Disparity & Opportunity (UDO) program views disparity as a crosscutting issue that should be addressed through four sequential steps:
  • Documenting issues of disparity in Houston.
  • Conducting research to identify the determinants and causes of disparity.
  • Convening and engaging both leaders and residents in a discussion about issues of disparity and promising solutions.
  • Identifying ideas and potential actions that could provide opportunities and improve the lives of Houstonians struggling with disparity.