Photo courtesy of the Center for Disease Control via Unsplash

Houston Education Research Consortium, in collaboration with 10 public school districts in the Houston area, embarked on a multi-year study of student mobility in Texas and across the Houston area to better understand which students change schools and the consequences those changes have for educational outcomes. Researchers found student mobility is patterned in the Houston area: it is possible to predict both who will move and where they will move.

Additionally, student mobility matters for educational outcomes. It matters for the outcomes of mobile and non-mobile students. Finally, student mobility is simultaneously a challenge for each individual district and cannot be resolved by any particular district in the Houston area. Joint and regional efforts are required if student mobility and its impacts are to be addressed.

Mobility Study Research Products:

  1. Changing Schools, Part 1: Student Mobility During the Summer Months in Texas and the Houston Area
  2. Changing Schools, Part 2: Student Mobility During the School Year in Texas and the Houston Area
  3. Changing Schools, Part 3: Student Mobility Within and Between Districts in Texas and the Houston Area

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