Head shot of Yehuda Sharim
  • Kinder Scholar
  • Assistant Professor in Media and Performance in School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
  • University of California, Merced

Yehuda Sharim is a scholar, filmmaker, and an assistant professor in the Program of Global Art Studies, University of California, Merced. He holds a Ph.D. in culture and performance from UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures program.

His films, which have appeared in various film festivals and universities across the world, provide a comparative study of immigration and displacement, shedding light on the changing constructions of home, nation and belonging. Sharim's latest work, "Seeds of All Things" (2018), is currently traveling across Houston and beyond.

His book manuscript, co-authored with Yan Digilov, "We Are In It: An Anthology of Border Crossing An Anthology of Border Crossing," presents personal accounts by refugees and those who seek refuge without documentation. Comprised of interviews in monologue form, their stories reveal the fear, trauma, and resilience of immigrants and refugees in Houston, TX. Additionally, Sharim's report, co-authored with Yan Digilov, titled “Refugee Realities: Between National Challenges and Local Responsibilities”, is an attempt to historicize and trace the changes and politics that have shaped refugee resettlement programs in the USA.

In his future report, he is interested in examining how the contemporaneous (and ongoing) climate of fear have impacted the lives of Houston's most vulnerable communities. His upcoming films, "Hana's Ocean" (2019) and "All Our Hurricanes" (2019), question the multiple crises, drownings and notions of loss and resilience that have shaped topographies of sentiment in Houston.  In other words, he asks, what are the continuous struggles that we are involved in to protect our humanity and a sense of joy, despite the various physical, racial and the most physical floods that have subjected Houston's immigrant and refugee communities, along with other communities of color.

Sharim is the co-founder of "Houston in Motion: Empowering Houston Refugee Communities," a multimedia project that provides an activist space with as well as a window into the lives and experiences of immigrant and refugee communities.