Many in Harris County find themselves living farther and farther from jobs

Earlier this summer, the Kinder Institute for Urban Research released its 2020 State of Housing in Harris County and Houston report, which set up a foundation of consistent and accessible information about housing-related issues that are relevant to all Houstonians and Harris County residents. It’s the first of what will be an annual report on the continued analysis of year-to-year data, with the goal of tracking trends in the region’s evolving housing system.

Snapshot taken of Houston just before pandemic shows the inequalities COVID-19 would exploit

What’s the biggest problem facing people in the Houston area today?

If asked that question in the past month and a half, it seems like easy money to bet every response would involve the economy or health.

But back in late January and early March of this year, when interviews for the 2020 Kinder Houston Area Survey were conducted, congestion on the city’s streets and freeways was the most-common concern. (It was the top response in the previous three years as well.)