Michael Emerson, provost and professor of urban studies at North Park University in Chicago, and a Kinder fellow at Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research, and Kevin T. Smiley, assistant professor in the department of sociology at the University at Buffalo, will discuss and sign their new book "Market Cities, People Cities: The Shape of Our Urban Future."

"Market Cities, People Cities" completely changes our vocabulary about how cities evolve. Michael Emerson and Kevin Smiley give urban decision makers a new way to understand their cities and shape their policies to create the kind of city that is right for their city’s residents.

Brazos Bookstore will be selling books on-site. 

About the Book

"Market Cities, People Cities" examines diverging city trends through extended case studies of Houston, Texas as a market city and Copenhagen, Denmark as a people city, and draw on data from nearly 100 other cities. Emerson and Smiley track the history of how these two types of cities have been created, and how they function for governments and residents in various ways, examining transportation, the environment, and inequality, among other topics. "Market Cities, People Cities" also outlines the means and policies cities can adapt in order to become more of a market- or people-focused city. The afterword reflects on Houston’s response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. 

As 21st-century cities diverge, "Market Cities, People Cities" is essential for urban dwellers anxious to be active in their pursuit of their best cities, as well as anyone looking to the future of cities around the world. 

As the former academic director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research and professor at Rice University, Emerson remains closely tied with the Kinder Institute. He is also co-founder of the Kinder Institute-sponsored Community Bridges program, linking Rice students with the formal study of cities and internships in local nonprofit organizations.

Smiley is assistant professor in the department of sociology at the University at Buffalo, and a core faculty member in the Research and Education in Energy, Environment and Water Institute (RENEW). Smiley is an environmental and urban sociologist. He analyzes inequalities in exposure to industrial air pollution across neighborhoods and metropolitan areas in the United States. He also researches the cities of Copenhagen, Denmark, and Houston, Texas, with particular interest in urban development, public space, climate change, disasters and immigration.

Michael Emerson and Kevin T. Smiley