Wendie Choudary, a research fellow at the Kinder Institute, will discuss a recent report titled "Neighborhood Gentrification Across Harris County: 1990-2016."

By taking this webinar, you will:

  • Understand how gentrification is defined in the report, and the difference between gentrification and displacement
  • Learn how a neighborhood typology is created using a range of indicators
  • Identify neighborhoods with the highest probability of gentrifying
  • Review the key findings of the study

About the HCDC Data Talks Webinar Series

Houston Community Data Connections’ new webinar series, HCDC Data Talks, offers deep dives into specific topics related to urban issues. By exploring HCDC data tools, our researchers guide participants through the analysis and the thought processes. This series is designed to engage participants and provide insight into data interpretation.

About Houston Community Data Connections

HCDC compiles and organizes neighborhood level data from various sources to facilitate the use of data and inform decision making. Besides providing technical assistance and research services to a variety of organizations such as nonprofits, government agencies, media and advocacy groups, HCDC also engages with community and local stakeholders to understand the changes in and challenges to our neighborhoods, and ultimately to address equity issues.