Every four years, analysts turn their attention to presidential elections but less is known about local elections. With a digital archive of local elections and other related data from across the country, the center is able to offer unique, insightful analysis on the state of local elections and civic engagement.

The Center for Local Elections in American Politics (LEAP) is a repository of local elections and other related data that are routinely gathered from publicly available sources, organized by geographic location and date, and stored in relational schemas. LEAP’s innovation is in creating a digital archive of past election results, as well as automating data collection for current and future elections increasing the efficiency and lowering the cost of the process. LEAP enables easy access and widespread dissemination of data via online tools, spatial reporting, and analysis of election results along with other city-level and Census-level indicators, and seamless connectivity to other databases. For more, please visit LEAP


Head shot of Melissa Marschall

Melissa Marschall

  • Kinder Fellow
  • Professor of Political Science
  • Director, Center for Local Elections in America Politics
  • Director, Social Policy Analysis Major, School of Social Sciences
  • Rice University


John Lappie

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate in Local Politics and Elections, Kinder Institute for Urban Research