Researchers across the globe are invited to work with the Kinder Institute through two programs.

The Kinder Institute Affiliated Researchers Program includes two components: Kinder Fellows and Kinder Scholars. Researchers with these affiliations play a vital role in supporting the Kinder Institute's work as a "think-and-do" tank and help to advance understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing urban areas.

Kinder Fellows

Kinder Fellows include several categories of researchers:

  1. Program directors who are actively participating in research projects at the Kinder Institute.
  2. Other Rice professors who maintain a long-term affiliation with the Kinder Institute and are available to work on research projects, but are not paid on an ongoing basis.
  3. Senior researchers or subject-matter experts from other universities or institutions who maintain a long-term affiliation with the Kinder Institute and whose research interest is consistent with the Kinder Institute's overall mission.
  4. Any faculty member who is a principal investigator on a project funded through an RFP called by the Kinder Institute.

Selection is by invitation only.

Kinder Scholars

Kinder Scholars are researchers who have their own funding sources but seek "soft" support from the Kinder Institute. Scholars may be professors and researchers, post-doctoral fellows or graduate students who conduct high quality research on Houston here in town, or projects that are directly connected to the research programs of the Institute. This is a short-term appointment for no more than a year. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Only a limited number of Kinder Scholars will be selected each year.