Faculty Affiliates

Thomas Baranowski
Baylor College of Medicine
Research Interests:psychosocial and neighborhood influences on children’s diet, physical activity, and adiposity in the context of their family or school • theory based design, implementation and evaluation of interventions to change children’s diet, physical activity and adiposity in the context of the family • design of videogames to change children’s or parents’ diet, physical activity or adiposity • advances in measurement of the behaviors, or psychosocial or environmental influences on children’s diet and physical activity behaviors

Ann S. Barnes
Baylor College of Medicine
Research Interests:Obesity and weight management in ethnic minority and low-income populations • Public Health system response to obesity • Health system/community partnerships for patient wellness • “Positive Deviance” as a tool for community-based participatory research

Charles E. Begley
UT Health Sciences Center
Research Interests:Health disparities, state and local health policy, health care reform, epilepsy

Jodi Berger Cardoso
University of Houston
Research Interests:health and wellbeing of children of immigrants

Jin Young Choi
Sam Houston State University
Research Interests:Health and health care disparity, community and social contextual effects, immigrant health issues, obesity

Jerome Crowder
UT Medical Branch at Galveston
Research Interests:Urbanization and migration among Hispanics, use of technology, medical, urban and visual anthropology

Karen W. Cullen
Baylor College of Medicine
Research Interests:School food policy, family health promotion interventions


Jayna M. Dave 
Baylor College of Medicine 
Research Interests:Obesity prevention, Health disparities, Hunger and food insecurity, Community-based dietary interventions

Jeff Dennis
UT Permian Basin
Research Interests:Racial/ethnic disparities in birth outcomes, theories of cumulative disadvantage, acculturation and health, early childhood health and development

Maria Fernandez
UT Health Sciences Center
Research Interests:Cancer prevention, health promotion, community health intervention strategies

Luisa Franzini
UT Health Sciences Center
Research Interests:Health disparities and minority health

Laura Hermer
UT Medical Branch at Galveston
Research Interests:Law, ethics and policy of health coverage; underserved populations; tobacco control; legal issues in bioethics

University of Houston
Research Interests:child obesity, food insecurity, nutrition, public policy

Robert Hummer
UT Austin
Research Interests:Health and Mortality Disparities; Race/Ethnicity and Immigration; Socioeconomic Status

Janis Hutchinson
University of Houston
Research Interests:HIV/AIDS, racism and health, family talk about chronic illnesses, and health issues among People of Color

Richard R. Johnson
Rice University
Research Interests:Health benefits of “green” infrastructure: trails, parks, trees and low-impact development

Harold W. Kohl, III
UT Health Sciences Center
Research Interests:Community environments as they relate to physical activity behaviors

University of Houston
Research Interests:health and health care disparities, immigrant and minority populations, Asian/Pacific Islander populations, social policy

Tracey Ledoux
University of Houston
Research Interests:identifying determinants of overeating, developing and testing change strategies to reduce overeating, and developing maternal and child obesity prevention programs

David Lopez
UT Health Sciences Center
Research Interests:Understand the pathways that contribute to cancer-related racial/ethnic and health disparities, Investigate the interplay between obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome and prostate cancer incidence and progression, Study the association of circulating markers of androgenecity and inflammation with stage and grade of prostate cancer, Study the role of racial/ethnic variation in sex steroid hormones in the etiology of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia

Kimberly K. Lopez
Baylor College of Medicine
Research Interests:traumatic effects of poverty on children and adolescents, women’s and adolescent health, visual anthropology, and qualitative research methods

Kyriakos Markides
UT Medical Branch at Galveston
Research Interests:Hispanic health and aging

Christine Markham
UT Health Sciences Center
Research Interests:and adolescent health promotion programming with a primary focus on sexual and reproductive health, and chronic disease management, including asthma and HIV

Sheryl McCurdy
UT Health Sciences Center
Research Interests:Harm reduction, health equity, HIV/AIDS, global health, social justice, substance use, and women's health

Amy McGuire
Baylor College of Medicine
Research Interests:Ethical, legal, and social issues in genetic research and personalized genomic medicine

Jason Mendoza
Baylor College of Medicine
Research Interests:Childhood obesity prevention among disadvantaged children; interventions to improve children’s nutrition and physical activity; community-engaged research; and children’s food insecurity and health

Christen Miller
UT Medical Branch at Galveston
Research Interests:Early childhood and youth development, community-driven poverty alleviation, global health education, and international volunteerism

Patricia D. Mullen
UT Health Sciences Center
Research Interests:Informed and shared decision making for values-based screening tests and cancer treatments; pre-conception and pregnancy interventions for tobacco and alcohol use; use of evidence-based public health programs; and systematic review and meta-analysis

Lucinda Nevarez
MD Anderson
Research Interests:Examining the impact of discrimination on health, health behaviors, and health choices. My research focuses primarily on health disparities, particularly among Hispanic and African American populations

Theresa Nicklas
Baylor College of Medicine
Research Interests:nutritional epidemiology, child nutrition, childhood obesity, nutrition behavioral interventions, and public policy related to nutrition

Alexandra B. Nolen
UT Medical Branch at Galveston
Research Interests:health disparities, social determinants of health, Health in All Policies approaches, research to policy processes, and disaster recovery

Margaret Nosek
Baylor College of Medicine
Research Interests:women with physical disabilities, health disparities and disability, interpersonal violence and women with disabilities, health promotion and women with disabilities, internet-based health promotion intervention

Teresia O'Connor
Baylor College of Medicine
Research Interests:Parental influence on a child’s obesity-related behaviors through framework of parenting styles and parenting practices

Kristen Peek
UT Medical Branch at Galveston
Research Interests:Stress, environment, and health disparities

Sharon Petronella Croisant
UT Medical Branch at Galveston
Research Interests:Environmental Health, Public Health, Community-Based Participatory Research, Translational/Integrative Research, Development of Evidence-based Health Policy, Cumulative Risk

Lisa Pompeii
UT Health Sciences Center
Research Interests:occupational epidemiology, occupational injury, disparities in work-related injuries and work disability, occupational health issues for low wage and pregnant workers

John Prochaska
UT Medical Branch at Galveston
Research Interests:community health development, health impact assessment, health disparities, application of systems sciences to public health

Courtney M. Queen
University of Houston
Research Interests:Health disparities, neglected tropical diseases, hard to reach populations, technology and access to healthcare

Rebecca Richards-Kortum
Rice University
Research Interests:Technologies to improve global urban healt

Laura Rudkin
UT Medical Branch at Galveston
Research Interests:Social epidemiology, scholarly service learning, public health in medical education

Jarron Saint Onge
University of Houston
Research Interests:Social Epidemiology, Mortality, Health Disparities, Biodemography, Community and Neighborhood Effects, Mental Health

Shreela Sharma
UT Health Sciences Center
Research Interests:Behavioral epidemiology with a focus on chronic disease prevention, primarily obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents from low-income, Hispanic and African American populations

Edith Silvas
MD Anderson
Research Interests:

Diana Strassmann
Rice University
Research Interests:Gender and economic well-being, the impact of feminism on economics, poverty and human development

Deborah Thompson
Baylor College of Medicine
Research Interests:Child obesity prevention, healthy nutrition, physical activity, theory, measurement, health communication, intervention research, digital media, health disparities

Sarah Tom
UT Medical Branch at Galveston
Research Interests:Aging, women’s health, sleep

Debra J. Umberson
UT Austin
Research Interests:Relationships and health, mental health, health behavior, social determinants of health, stress, death and dying

Mark Wamble
Rice University
Research Interests:New building types in response to urban context, adaptive re-use as an alternative to historic preservation, advanced technologies for residential architecture

David Wetter
MD Anderson
Research Interests:theoretical models of addictive and cancer risk behaviors; the epidemiology and public health impact of those behaviors; and the development, evaluation, and dissemination of theoretically-based interventions

Anna Wilkinson
UT Health Sciences Center
Research Interests:Smoking Prevention, Promotion of Physical Activity; Role of social factors (acculturation, psychosocial resources, and built environment) and genetic factors in shaping the behaviors, and gene-environment interactions