•  Kyle Shelton- Rice Village Parking Study (PDF) 
    • Kyle Shelton presented preliminary findings from the Kinder Institute Rice Village Parking Study at the Rice Village Stakeholders meeting on June 12 in conjunction with the City of Houston Parking Management Division. A final detailed report of the findings will be released in Fall 2015. 
  • Bill Fulton - Growth and Development Trends in Metro Houston (PDF)
    • Kinder Institute Director, Bill Fulton, was keynote speaker at the National Federation of Municipal Analysts’ conference, "America's Urban Agenda and Its Impact Upon The Municipal Bond Market”, on January 22, 2015 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown Houston. Fulton’s presentation focused on the changing nature of Sunbelt cities — especially Houston — and how these changes are affecting the ability of those cities to pay for public services. He focused especially on the fact that major Sunbelt cities such as Houston and Phoenix are becoming “landlocked” — no longer able to annex easily — thus making it more difficult for them to expand their revenue base to meet current needs. He also noted that the expansive, low-density territory of cities such as Houston — which has more than 600 square miles inside its boundaries — makes it difficult to meet residents’ expectations for service provision. He encouraged municipal bond analysts to pay careful attention to whether cities are focusing on actual results, rather than financial inputs and outputs.
  •  Stephen Klineberg - The Changing Face of Houston and America(Video)
    • Bill Fulton and Stephen Klineberg headed out west in February of 2015 to visit the University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy. Klineberg presented The Changing Face of Houston and America to the Urban Growth Seminar. Klineberg's presentation focuses on the data collected in the 33 years of the Kinder Houston Area Survey and tells the story of the most diverse city in the United States.
    • Don't have time for the entire video? Here are the highlights