Ryan Holeywell | December 18, 2015 Our latest podcast features a discussion with an artist who explains why urban architecture makes the perfect topic for a coloring book.

Ryan Holeywell | @RyanHoleywell | December 18, 2015

Image via flickr/Patrick Breitenbach. Image via flickr/Patrick Breitenbach.

If you're traveling this holiday season, consider taking the Urban Edge with you by downloading the latest episode of our monthly podcast.

This month, Kinder Institute researcher Kyle Shelton discusses the role that infrastructure plays in protests. Shelton, whose research on the issue was recently featured by The Atlantic'c City Lab, explains how roadways and public spaces played a common role in both the Occupy Wall Street protests of 2011 and the Black Lives Matter protests that unfolded in many communities in 2015.

Then, Senior Editor Ryan Holeywell interviews Steve McDonald, a Canadian artist who just published an enormously popular coloring book about cities. Right now, it's the best-selling architecture book on Amazon.com. McDonald explains why architecture is a compelling topic for a coloring book and elaborates on how he creates images of the cities he loves.

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