The Houston Area Survey on Health, Education, and the Arts (SHEA)


The Houston Area Survey on Health, Education, and the Arts, also known as the SHEA study, was majorly funded by Houston Endowment Inc. The three comprehensive surveys were designed to assess systematically Harris County residents' experiences and attitudes with regard to the arts, educational disparities, and public health issues in urban America. 

The surveys were developed in consultation with local leaders and experts, many of whom served on one of three yearlong Advisory Panels, to help in the process of fashioning and interpreting the survey questions in each of these three key areas of urban life. The three surveys were conducted during 2011-2012, in telephone interviews with a scientifically selected representative sample of 1,200 Harris County residents each. Led by Professor Stephen L. Klineberg, the research team has published three reports on the most important findings of the surveys. 

Another important outcome of this project was the establishment of three yearlong advisory panels on the arts, education, and community health. Each panel was composed of both local and national experts, who agreed to confer periodically with the project team, both by telephone and face-to-face meetings, from 2011 through 2012. The panels offered continuing guidance, technical support, and substantive advice, as the team worked to improve the research methodology and to design and complete the best possible surveys. You may click here for a full list of the researchers and experts whom we have consulted on the project.

In addition, the research team has conducted extensive literature reviews in the three substantive areas covered by the SHEA study. Click through the menu to find a collection of the best research reports and journal articles that the project has identified.

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