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Post Doctoral Fellows

Trish Herzog (2)

Patricia Snell Herzog, Rice Affiliate
Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Arkansas
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

Interests: urban sociology, social satisfaction, social theory, and sociology of religion

Contact: 479-575-3779,

Kimberly Hoang(2)

Kimberly Hoang, Rice Affiliate
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Boston College
Ph.D., University of California - Berkeley

Interests: Gender and Sexuality, Globalization and Transnationalism, Sociology of Immigration, Race and Ethnicity, Social Inequality and Poverty, Ethnographic Research Methods



Dr. Dara ShifrerDr. Dara Shifrer


Emily Straus(2)

Emily Straus, Rice Affiliate
Assistant Professor of History, SUNY Fredonia
Ph.D., Brandeis University

Interests: United States metropolitan history, the history of education, and the history of race

Contact: 716-673-3880,

Diego Torres

D. Diego Torres, Ph.D.

Contact: (713) 348-2984,

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