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Houston Area Health Survey: Insurance goes with better healthHouston Area Health Survey: Insurance goes with better health
People who have health insurance – regardless of income, education, age, and ethnic background – are significantly more likely to report being in better health, according to a new report from Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research that examined health disparities among Houstonians. Other key findings: household income, age and educational attainment beyond high school are each independently associated with better health; Hispanics and African-Americans have significantly higher odds of being in poor health; and the nature and location of neighborhoods play a critical role in the health of area residents.     Read More »
HERC Review of 'Apollo 20' ReportHERC Review of 'Apollo 20' Report
The HISD school board and superintendent asked HERC to review Dr. Fryer’s report of theApollo 20 program. Click to read the review.  Read More »
Denmark is again ranked as the happiest nation.Denmark is again ranked as the happiest nation. Why?
Learn more about this topic from an interactive Prezi created by Co-Director, Michael Emerson.  Read More »
Kinder Institute Annual Luncheon 2014Kinder Institute Annual Luncheon 2014
Please join us for the second annual Kinder Institute Annual Luncheon hosted by Rice University's Kinder Institute for Urban Research.    Read More »