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Religion and Immigrant's Civic Engagement Project


The Religion, Immigrant, Civic Engagement (R.I.C.E.) study is sponsored by funding from the Russell Sage Foundation. The study (directed by Elaine Howard Ecklund and Michael O. Emerson of Institute for Urban Research) examines immigrant religion and its connection to civic activities, like volunteering and political participation. Over 200 in-depth interviews were conducted with a scientifically selected sample of first and second-generation immigrants as well as a group of native born (third generation or higher) Americans. Student researchers from different ethnic groups also examined fifteen immigrant and native-born religious and ethnic organizations around the country. Five different languages were used to collect these data. Knowledge gained from this study will increase public and scholarly understanding of immigration, religion, civil society and the connections between these. Release of preliminary results from the study will occur early in 2010. Watch the video below for some early insights.