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Gordon Wittenberg
Professor of Architecture
Director of Graduate Studies
Rice University School of Architecture

Professor Wittenberg is the director of graduate studies at the Rice University School of Architecture, as well as a licensed architect and principal of Wittenberg Studio, Architects & Planners.

Wittenberg’s research focuses on the interface between sustainability, building technology and urban planning. His is currently documenting the physical impact of urban growth by interactively mapping the suburban expansion of Houston over time. He is also working on a plan to expand the Houston bikeway system along underutilized utility corridors throughout the city.

He received his bachelor’s degree from Trinity College and a master’s of architecture from Washington University, St. Louis. He has taught at the Universities of Kansas and Illinois at Chicago before coming to Rice. His architectural firm, Wittenberg Studio, has been recognized for its work in the fields of architectural design, technology and planning. Wittenberg has also lectured and exhibited his work and research in architecture schools throughout the United States. Click here to view his website.