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Cayce Hughes
PhD Candidate
Department of Sociology, University of Chicago

Cayce Hughes is a doctoral candidate in the department of sociology at the University of Chicago, with research interests including the sociology of privacy, urban poverty, social inequality, health and well-being, and culture.

His dissertation focuses on how poor mothers in a high-poverty neighborhood in Houston negotiate privacy in their quest for public and private assistance to make ends meet, using data from in-depth interviews with mothers, supplemented with ethnographic observation as well as data from the Kinder Houston Area Survey. Hughes is also concurrently analyzing data for the Houston component of a comparative study of social and organizational isolation among low-income mothers in high-poverty neighborhoods in Houston, Chicago, and New York City. Finally, Hughes is collaborating with Rice University sociologists Jenifer Bratter and Bridget Gorman on research that asks how doctoral students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics make sense of the gender gap in their professional fields. As a Kinder Institute Scholar, Hughes has continued to collect and analyze data for his dissertation.